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As we emphasizes in providing one stop Real Solution we design and plan client’s Server applications, establish data centers & SANs, evaluate and select Telecom products including hardware and software

we keep on researching and developing new telecom & IT technologies, monitoring latest trends, disseminating technical information. We do re-engineering and system engineering, Product development analysis, Product up gradation and re-designing of systems.

Featured Services

Real Sol is working closely with Architects, Designers, and clients. We have developed a management structure and information system, which ensures all requests are acted upon promptly and efficiently. The client is continuously informed on budget and programmed.
Real Sol has built beautiful houses and towers in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and all over Pakistan.
Real Sol is giving you the opportunity to have all that you ever wanted in your dream home.
Real Sol offers you the highest quality home remodelling and home improvement services including basement, kitchen, bathroom, additions, renovation, siding, beautiful ceiling, and more at affordable prices.
For homeowners renovation can be a cost effective way to improve the quality and value of your home making it a more beautiful place to live. Choosing a qualified contractor is very important. Real SOL has over 30 years of experience in home remodelling .

Serivices List

»  BTS Installation and commissioningServices
»  BTS Shelter Installation
»  Microwave Work
»  Fiber Media Converters
»  Ethernet to Fiber Converter
»  E1 to Fiber Converter
»  E1 to Ethernet Converter
»  E1 to V.35 Converter
»  Ethernet to V.35 Converter
»  Re-engineering/ Up gradation of system/product
»  Re-engineering/ Up gradation of system/product

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